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Sacred Submission


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Ephesians 6:1-9
SKU: LW4530
Author: Mosteller, Chad


True biblical submission shapes every aspect of our lives as believers. For Paul and for us, this requires addressing traditional household codes and power structures with the eyes of Jesus. Part of the mission God has given us in this life is to submit to those in authority over us in a way that follows the example of Jesus, growing our hearts and pleasing God. As we become more like Christ, we see that it changes every aspect of how we live, from the way we engage our home to the way we interact with the current social structures of the day. When we have eyes to see submission in our lives as a sacred opportunity rather than a social norm, we will seek to elevate the sacrificial way of Jesus in all we do. Believers see submission as a sacred duty, not a wielding authority and even more so, as a lifelong way of continually growing in submission to God.




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