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Blood Stained Pews: How Vulnerability Transforms a Broken Church into a Church for the Broken


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Author: Kuhl, Carl

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What if the church became more than a home for the hypocrites? What if the church became a hospital to heal the hurting?

When the carnage of war broke out on D-Day, the wounded were brought to an empty nearby church and laid on the pews so medics could treat them. When the war was over, and the blood-stained pews discovered, the townspeople decided to preserve the stains to remind all who would come afterward: This is the place where the wounded are welcome.

Blood Stained Pews is a chance to examine Jesus’ original intent for the church, a hospital for the broken. Pastor and author Carl Kuhl is clear: Christians have been getting this wrong, but in this book, he gives clear steps to change our hearts, our practices, and ultimately our churches through the power of open brokenness.

Through personal stories and powerful insights, Carl implores us to more deeply consider God’s grace and turn our churches into the places people run to when they’re wounded.