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Catch Your Breath


2 Corinthians 1:5-7

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Author: Idleman, Kyle

The church in Corinth had recently been struggling with divisions and arguments. There were so many different currents that surrounded them that threatened to pull them apart. So, Paul’s challenge to them was to remember where their source of life comes from. And sometimes currents have the best way of revealing where our life really comes from. We don’t often appreciate or recognize what is truly the breath of life quite like when we’ve been without it. So, Paul is reminding the Corinthians that their life, their being, their entire world finds its grounding, finds its life in Christ. And in a world of currents, we catch our breath by being confident in God’s comfort. We catch our breath by doing what Paul did, remembering what the resurrection really means for our life. We can catch our breath because we know we carry the power of the Holy Spirit to live transformed lives in a world of currents, and that transformation comes from making Jesus’ life and priorities our own.

- Mental Health application: Catch your breath by focusing on that others have gone through this.

- Mental Health application: Catch your breath by stop fighting the current…stop fighting what you can’t control.

- Mental Health application: Catch your breath by getting rid of what is holding you down.

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