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Invisible Army


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Ephesians 6:18-20
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The missing ingredient in most Christians lives and even in most churches is a commitment to and the regular practice of intercessory prayer. Yet it is prayer that is the very response the Bible teaches us to embrace in the battle. Scripture indicates that consistent (6:18a), intense (6:18b), and strategic (6:18c-20) intercessory prayer - both individual and corporate- will in fact deliver us from the evil one. An invisible war is all around us, but so is an invisible army through prayer that will surround us on all occasions- in every battle, and any perceived setback. We pray knowing that we don’t fight for victory, we fight from victory in Christ. Christ has already won through His work on the cross, and by this victory we can have great trust and faith in God no matter what we may face in this world. Through prayer, we are not only are given the opportunity to pray for all things and with all kinds of requests, but to join in advancing the gospel by praying for the fearlessness of the saints around the world.



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