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Invisible Armor


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Ephesians 6:13-17
SKU: LW4534
Author: Ingram, Chip


When most of us think of a spiritual attack or demonic activity, our minds jump to bizarre or frightening images that we’ve seen in the movies or weird stuff happening in our homes. But the truth is that the majority of the spiritual attacks we face are unseen. We must realize that the battleground for this invisible war that we’re in is actually between our ears – in our minds. Often, we don’t think that the negative thoughts we have about God or the conflict we have with our spouse or our boss is actually related to conflict with our archenemy that wants to destroy our lives. Although not all conflict or bad things in this life are caused by demonic forces, many times our struggle is indeed spiritual. This is why God wants us to be prepared for the spiritual attacks that come our way. He wants to equip and prepare us in the strength of His power to stand against the enemy’s schemes and defeat him in the specific battles in our life. This means becoming aware of the devil’s schemes and putting on the full armor of God.




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