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God Seeker - A Journey Through Exodus 33

SKU: 9780984545810
Author: Sauder, Kristen

God says, "Seek Me." Does that mean He's hiding? It sure feels like it sometimes. Frantic weekly routines and pressing responsibilities keep us preoccupied, yet we can't shake the nagging realization that day after day God seems awfully far away. God Seeker aims to dispel the myth that intimacy with God is only for a few. This study encourages you to pursue God passionately expecting a dynamic, uniquely personal relationship with Him. God Seeker not only offers hope for a brand new vibrancy and vitality in your relationship with God, it also trains you how to seek God, and how to sustain the intimacy your soul longs for. Practical, attainable action points based on Biblical truths shatter the barriers and bring God near - to stay!

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