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Meant to Be


Ephesians 3:1-21

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Author: Reagan, Matt

In this section of Ephesians, Paul pulls heaven down to give us eyes to see God’s heart and vision for His people. He does this so that we would stand firm on the truth that Jesus unlocks the door to a whole new way of living in a world full of death and despair. When we understand just how profound this is, we can have new eyes for the power of the Gospel within this world. Jesus has come to redeem all people and to restore all things- this reality has huge implications for us because it defines what it really means for Christ to dwell in our hearts. As believers we cannot do all that we were made for until we grow up into the maturity Christ has called us to. The promise we find in this new way of living is that as we grow up, we will be built up as the body of Christ that is able to do every good purpose set out for us.

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