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No Matter What Comes Through Those Doors


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Author: Idleman, Kyle

In the movie Gladiator Maximus finds himself in the Roman Coliseum facing the deadly games. Those trapped with him realize Maximus is a Roman officer with incredible military skill and knowledge. In their first event together, Maximus calls them to stand together no matter what comes through the gates. We can draw similarities between this scene and Jesus’ sermon in John 16. The disciples are nervous, scared and confused that Jesus is leaving and apparently the world will turn against them. At this point, Jesus warns them of what will come so they will not fall away. Jesus wants the disciples to know that no matter what happens next, they are not alone. The Spirit will guide them. The Father loves them. Jesus will come back for them. No matter what comes through those doors Jesus has won the battle, we can trust what we can’t always see.









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