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Seeing God 2020


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From Job 38-42

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Author: Idleman, Kyle

When pandemics reign, when bad news is around every corner, when there seems to be no end in sight, it can be hard to see God. This is the story of Job. Beginning in the first chapter, we see Job going through life seemingly living what we would call the “American Dream.” He had everything he could ever need or want, and everything seemed to be working out in his favor. His relationship with God was real- He was known as both a righteous and a holy man. All things were right and good in Job’s life, but in 12 short verses, the story suddenly turns. And in one long day, his world changes forever. With each passing day, the news given to job seemed worse than the day before and it takes a toll on every part of his life- his physical, spiritual, mental and emotional health. Everything good was replaced by Job’s worst nightmares, and this is the backdrop by which Job begins an uncharted journey where he struggles through some very raw questions with God: 

Is God really in control of everything?

Does God really care for us all?

Does God really know what I am going through? 

Is God really with me?

Sound familiar? There has never been a time in this generation where the story of Job could speak so profoundly to us collectively. Because all of us have seen our world change suddenly. All of us have felt the stinging effects of a pandemic that does not discriminate between social-statuses, families, genders, or cultures. And because of this, Job’s story is a captivating invitation for us to enter into, and to learn from about what it really means to see God. It’s no surprise that the book of Job is the beginning of what is called “Wisdom Literature” in the Bible. Because great grief laid before a Great God has the ability to produces wisdom beyond our years. And the beautiful irony of truly seeing God, is that who He is becomes clearer through the blurriness of our tears poured out before Him. Because through pandemics, prophets, poets and perspectives, what we can learn is what Job learned: You don’t know that God is all you need until God is all you have. Join us on a three-week journey with Job on Seeing God.





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