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Submission is a word that carries a lot of weight. It comes with all kinds of working definitions and personal experiences. Some see it as a word to avoid altogether, while others see it as one to wield power. But as believers, we see this word as a mission deeply rooted in the way of Jesus- a calling that is beyond mere household and social structures. So as believers, we anchor our definition of submission in that- the example of Jesus. That in Jesus we can find the ultimate model of sacrificial living that pleases God. Jesus modeled submission as a way of becoming nothing in ourselves to be filled with everything that God is. In a world chasing power, He gave us a towel and called us to do as He did. When we recognize the desire we often have to seek power rather than sacrifice, we can proactively adjust our lives and actions toward the way of Jesus in our relationships. Jesus’ living informs how we can navigate the tension of all aspects of submission- toward one another, in our marriage, and in our world. Join us in the third of four series through the book of Ephesians as we discover how everyday Christians can become who we are through the various relationships in our lives.







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