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The End of Me Journal

SKU: 9781939622549
Author: Idleman, Kyle

This journal corresponds with The End of Me DVD Small Group Study.

PLEASE NOTE: This updated release features a completely redesigned and rewritten journal featuring more Scripture, better questions, and improved content. The Journal is now able to pair with The End of Me book or video Series, letting you choose how you learn and grow most effectively. It is also important to note that the order of some of the episodes in the Series has been switched to better pair with the chapters of the book in this new release.   

Are you interested in a deep, authentic relationship with Jesus? The end of you is the beginning.

In this four-week study journal, return to that first-century hillside with Jesus and the disciples. Sit among the crowd and listen in on Jesus’s words afresh. Receive his invitation to come to the end of yourself—and in doing so, find what you’ve always been searching for.

Designed as a twenty-eight-day devotional journey, this journal connects the message of The End of Me to an in-depth study of Jesus’s Beatitudes. Each day provides grace-centered devotional content and thoughtful discussion questions and exercises that can stand alone as a personal study, or act as a participant’s guide for The End of Me.


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