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Thousand Yards Ahead


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Joshua 1:5, Joshua 3

SKU: LW4464
Author: Reagan, Matt

From the series Strength and Courage

The time has come for God’s people to cross into the promised land, but the flooded Jordan stood between them and that promise. As the Israelites camped by the Jordan, the Lord gave them instructions to cross over the river with the ark of the covenant leading the way a thousand yards ahead. The ark represented the presence of God, and as the priests reached the river, it immediately became dry ground for Israel to pass through. And as God goes before the Israelites, His presence remained close enough for them to know with certainty that God was with them, but distant enough to grow their faith when they couldn’t fully see where He was leading them. And as God’s people continued to move forward by faith, they learned to courageously walk toward the abundant life He promised, even when they couldn’t see the destination.

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