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Wreck The Roof Series


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In Luke 5:17-39, as Jesus preached in a full house, four men showed up carrying a paralyzed friend on a mat. They knew he needed to get to Jesus, but the house was packed and there was no way to Him. So, what did they do? They climbed up the side of the house and made a way through the roof! Why did they wreck the roof? One is why. The friends were willing to do what was impractical, inconvenient, cost-prohibitive and messy because one is worth it. The four friends could’ve turned around and gone home, but they knew who Jesus was and that He was their friend’s only hope. So, instead of playing it safe and waiting outside or giving up and going home, they climbed up and wrecked the roof. By faith, they refused to accept the limitations set before them and found a way to get their friend to Jesus, even when it seemed risky or impractical. Throughout scripture, Jesus used controlling metaphors to bring clarity to the things we should be about and as a church, Wreck the Roof is a metaphor we’ve taken hold of as one of our Mantras at Southeast, to encourage, motivate and direct us toward His heart and His priorities. When we Wreck the Roof, we commit to doing whatever it takes to bring one more person to Jesus. We will do for one what we wish we could do for everyone. In this series we are going to take a close look at the book of Acts to see the way the early church Wrecked the Roof, and how God used the urgency of everyday ordinary followers of Jesus to expand the hope of Christ to the ends of the earth.

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