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You Don't Got This


John 16:1-6

SKU: LW4420
Author: Idleman, Kyle

From the series No Matter What Comes Through Those Doors

In our culture independence can be synonymous with strength, while asking for help comes across as weak. We want to have it under control. We want our shoulders to be wide enough to carry the weight of whatever this season brings us. And while the world continues to enforce this narrative, deep down we know that another self-help speech isn’t what we need. What we really need is the freedom to know we don’t always have what it takes. Jesus’ opening words in John 16 provide this freedom. He warns us about what is coming to take the weight off our shoulders. Trouble beyond our control will come. Facing trouble isn’t an indictment on our character but a reminder to depend on God. No matter what comes through those doors we need to depend on God instead of relying on ourselves.

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