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We’ve been reminded in the last year more than ever before that God has made all of us for relationship. And in a season where isolation has shaped and defined this last year more than ever, we want to take time as a Church to speak into and encourage healthy marriages and friendships as we begin 2021. As men and women, when we live in pursuit of Godly relationship with one another, together we reflect His very image to the world. One of the greatest models of God’s image is found in the union of marriage. Yet this topic meant exemplify God’s heart has continued to be a point of conflict throughout history. In a society of selfishness, Jesus modeled true sacrifice and he invites us to imitate his example in our relationships. In a culture of convenience, Jesus challenged his Followers to embrace commitment in our marriages. He reminds His followers time and time again that unbreakable strength comes in what God joins together, and true intimacy is fostered where He is at the center. When relationships cherish one another, fight for one another, and are centered on God’s truth, they will find a love that lasts. When God joins people together in friendship or marriage, those relationships were made with purpose. As a Church we want to be committed to strengthening these relationships, not through our own best practices, but through His divine power and purposes.






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