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You're Not Alone

John 5:1-17


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Author: Kuhl, Carl


In John 5 Jesus meets a man who felt alone in his situation and alone in his pain. Jesus meets him on the mat and asks one simple question, “Do you want to get well?” The man’s response was invoked that the problem wasn’t just physical, but that there was no one to help him get well. Within the pews and outside of the walls of the church, there is a lot of pain, but Jesus wants to meet us on our mats and call us into healing, purpose, and community if we are willing to listen to him. You are not alone, and the path to true community comes where vulnerability and the gospel collide.

Know: There is a lot of pain in the pews next to you

Feel: Empathy towards those who are hurting, as well as not feeling alone because others are hurting in similar ways to you.

Do: Decide to be more open with your pain/doubts/trauma/secrets/sin.

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