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You've Heard it Said

Matthew 5:27-32

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SKU: LW4564
Author: Idleman, Kyle

From the series Sexual Discipleship: Exploring God's Plan and Purpose for Sexuality

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus launches his new kingdom agenda, flipping the script on every way the religious and secular world disciples us. Instead, Jesus confronts the popular religious messages that contradict His vision for human life and sexuality, showing his disciples a clearer picture of what they were created for. And in short, what we see is that citizens of God’s kingdom aren’t made for a life of legalism and rules, we were made to experience a life full of the beauty and goodness that overflows from selfless relationship with God and one another. This has huge implications for every area of our lives, especially our sexuality. This week, we’ll uncover the various misinformed messages that have infiltrated the church and have been cloaked as “biblical” views of sexuality to discover what Jesus really has to say about it all.

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