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The Person God Made You To Be

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The process of becoming the person God made you to be is just that- a process. So following Jesus can sometimes be frustrating because we experience the visible benefit in a much more gradual, unhurried manner. While we are instantly justified, redeemed, and adopted, we often don’t see the fruit of that decision instantly. Fruit takes time- we don’t immediately exude Christ-likeness. We don’t, on a moments notice, become more loving spouses, more patient parents, more gentle leaders, more humble servants, or more self-controlled citizens of God’s kingdom. But still, the process of becoming more like Jesus begins here. In Galatians 5, Paul reveals two forces that can shape who we become, but the reality is that only one force can make us the person we were meant to be. In this series, we’re going to explore the fruit of the Spirit, consider who we are becoming by His power, and discover the person we were ultimately created to be.

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