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Blinded by Frustration

Exodus 32 and Numbers 20

Transcript Available

SKU: LW4588
Author: Weece, Jon

Little issues in daily life have a way of irritating us over time. From the traffic in our daily commute to the bad habits of a loved one to the inability of a co-worker to understand your point of view, if our frustrations aren’t dealt with in a mature way, we’ll eventually explode in an outburst of anger. The effects of that outburst are often devastating and can have lasting repercussions. Learning to cool off when our blood begins to boil can spare us from a lot of humiliating consequences. As Moses leads approximately 2 million people out of slavery in Egypt, friction is inevitable and his frustration is obvious. Overall, Moses is portrayed as a righteous man, but his flashes of frustration cause him to miss out on the complete experience of God’s goodness and faithfulness. Frustration isn’t always sinful, but it always makes life less simple.

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