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Freedom From the Past

Romans 5:12-21

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SKU: LW4780
Author: Idleman, Kyle

We all have a past that we enter into this new life in Jesus with. While the sins of our past were forgiven at the cross, the consequences and shame attached to our past can often remain with us like a weight holding us down. Romans 5 reminds us that sin got us into this, but Jesus is the only one Who can get us out of it. No matter what the story of our past is, regardless how deep the chasm of sin that separated us from God, there is overwhelming grace found in Jesus alone. It is not just a grace that frees us from our past of sin, but one that unleashes into a life of true freedom. This life of freedom is one where we discover that He isn’t just the God of our future- He is the God of our past, and He is working all things out for our good and His glory.

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