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Never Going Back


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Author: Idleman, Kyle

Stepping into God’s call means leaving behind our former way of living. As pandemic phasing happens across
our country we want to embrace the significance of this time as a church. If we endure this pandemic, but
never encounter God’s presence refining us through it, we will have wasted this time. Because God’s presence
shapes our present realities. And in this season as we’ve watched idols fall we are given a clear picture of the
one thing that remains: Him. Our ears had heard this, but now our eyes have seen it and we are never going
back. We are never going back to who we never meant to become. To pride in what we can accomplish and
in making it on our own. We are never going back to what never really worked in the first place. To living
exhausted out of our own power when He has given us the power of His Spirit. We are never going back to
superficial answers and surface-level relationships. We are never going back to chasing American dreams that
limit God’s plans, power, and provision. And while we are at it, we are never going back to running from
what is hard and to living crippled by fear. We are never going back to old routines and old ways of living.
Looking to the future means never going back. And we as a church want to step into this season wholly
surrendered to what God will do next and fully engaged in the hard and holy work that is ahead of us. This is
our stake in the ground. This is our hearts cry. This is our invitation. We don’t want to waste the significance
of this season- we are never going back.





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