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REFRAME: How Jesus Changes the Way We See the World


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The words of Paul reveal a life so transformed by Christ’s love that he can’t help but see the world differently. Although captive in prison, he remains captivated by Jesus, and writes the book of Philippians from this perspective. He invites the Philippians, and us, to reframe every aspect of our lives around the Gospel. Through Jesus, we can reframe the way we see the world, not as a way to minimize the hardships we face, but as an exercise of faith that whatever may happen in our life actually does have Gospel purpose that isn’t always obvious. In Jesus, we’re invited to reframe every aspect of our lives: the way we think, act, interact, and even the purpose by which we live for. Paul’s example and his encouragement, is to truly allow Jesus to transform the way we see and interact with the world so that even when we are surrounded by hostility, our faith can not only survive difficult circumstances, but thrive. Our intention for this series is to move each person into a deeper trust that Jesus is worth giving every piece of our lives to, and into more active faith as He completes his work through us. It’s time to reframe our lives by taking hold of everything he took hold of for us.

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