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To the Full (series)


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What does it mean to live life to the fullest? For many, this idea comes with its own list of expectations and dreams. But the reality is, that life doesn’t unfold the way we expect. And these deviations from what we expect reveal a deep fear that many of us have, that we will or are currently living lives that ultimately will be disappointing- either disappointing to us, to others, or to God. In John 10:10 Jesus reveals His intentions for entering into the world when He says, “I have come that you may have life, and have it to the full.” And this is the hope of Christmas- despite whatever we may face, Jesus offers a kind of life that isn’t available anywhere else. He promises a life to the full- and it isn’t simply a promise outside of the disappointment of life, it’s a promise within it. Right in the midst of whatever setbacks, situations, or expectations we have for life is Jesus. His purpose, His Beauty, His faithfulness, and His hope to face whatever faces you. In Christmas we return once again to the reality that everything we need is found in Jesus. When this world comes up empty, He is and always will be the one who ultimately satisfies.






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