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Trading Truth For Lies


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We have all experienced trading the truth for a lie. Sometimes it’s innocuous; we believe lies and believing them does no damage. Your mother told you it was dangerous to swim until thirty minutes after eating, and “Don’t make that face at your brother or it might stay that way.” Those are lies, but we accepted them as truth. (Even right now you’re thinking, “I’m pretty sure it’s true that it’s dangerous to swim right after you eat.”) (It’s not.)

Other times when we trade the truth for a lie it’s poisonous. We believe lies and believing them can be self-destructive and even threaten our souls.

In this series we will explore some lies the Apostle Paul warns us of in Romans, chapters 1-3. These lies are core to the human condition and to our flight from God. We need to identify these lies and replace them with truth to end our rebellion against God and experience the relationship with him for which we were made.






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