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In Then Through


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Matthew 13:1-23(parable of the farmer scattering seed)
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Author: Idleman, Kyle

From the series One at a Time

In world where we want to have immediate impact – where we want to change the world with a post – Jesus calls us to do the hard work of planting the Gospel in our hearts. Jesus shared the parable of the farmer scattering seed with his disciples to illustrate this point, we want God to do great things through us – but He almost always wants to do something in you first. In order to see a harvest through our lives, it requires making sure our hearts are ready to hear and understand the word of God in our lives. Maybe the best way to be a person of impact is not to say, God what do you want to do through me? But to say, God what do you want to do in me? If there was ever one influencer who could have skipped the “in” and gone straight to the “through,” it was Jesus. But even Jesus seemed to go out of His way to plant seeds and cultivate His mind and heart. Jesus always seemed to know what to do, or what to say. He always seemed to understand how to make a difference in someone’s life because He would regularly spend time with his Heavenly Father, that’s where He would learn what to say and what to do. This is what living an IN then THROUGH life looks like. The demands of the people around Him were loud, and that noise could have easily determined how he would spend his day. But because Jesus has spent time alone with God he stays reminded why He has come. He gets refocused on His purpose. He knows what God wants to do through Him, because He starts the day by giving attention to God’s work in Him.


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