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Luke 15:1-10 (parable of the lost sheep)
SKU: LW4550
Author: Idleman, Kyle

From the series One at a Time

In “The Parable of the Lost Sheep” Jesus tells the story of a shepherd who leaves 99 to save 1. The shepherd is willing to risk the comfort and security of the 99 to save 1. The shepherd is willing to turn his attention away from 99 and give his attention to 1 that is lost. In Luke 4 when Jesus stands to preach his first sermon he reads from the words of Isaiah and he makes it clear that he has come for the one. Then we see Jesus again and again going out of his way for one. It might seem impractical or even reckless – but Jesus was willing to go all in for one. As we come out of the pandemic season, who is the one we need to focus our attention on finding? What are we willing to risk to reach one? What lengths are we willing to go to for one? How impractical and reckless might we become for one?



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