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Becoming Who You Are


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At some point in your life you’ve likely asked the question, “Who Am I?”

It’s a question we all wrestle with, and oftentimes it’s a question that others try to answer for us. Deep down, we all want to know who we really are, so we naturally begin to define ourselves based on a job or lack of work, on great achievements or personal failures, on marital status’, or family ties. And when that doesn’t cut it, we look to gifts and talents, personality tests, social media, and more to tell us who we are. But at the end of the day we know that each of these descriptors never fully capture the deepest truths about us. While these things may be true, they are not where our identity is most accurately found, and this is exactly what Paul fought for us to understand. In most of his letters, Paul’s desire was that as believers we would find the truest things about us, namely, the things found in Christ. Because when we discover these things, we uncover a whole new way of living that is unshaken by this ever-changing world. And this is what the book of Ephesians does- it helps us see that who God says we are changes everything about how we live. Who God says we are is where it all starts, because when we know who we are we will know what to do. In this first of four series through the book of Ephesians, we want to open our eyes to the truest thing about our identity and let that set the course for the radically different way of living God has called us to.






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