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We Have Hope

Isaiah 53:1-6

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Author: Idleman, Kyle

Seven hundred years before Jesus humbled himself to be born of human flesh and laid in a manger, Isaiah penned the words we find in chapter 53. They declare a promise of the day Jesus would be hung on a cross for our healing- His worst day becoming our best gift. We see Christmas in light of the Cross- Jesus did not just come to restore us- to give us purpose and intention, but to heal us- to make us whole through the light of His life. Christmas is a time to remember that our healing is found through Jesus.

Isaiah compared the nation of Israel to sheep that have gone astray. They were a group seeking their own path instead of following the shepherd's lead. Isaiah 53:6 says all of us, like sheep, are lost, but all is not lost. A good shepherd has come in Jesus. In whatever we face, there is hope through Jesus. No matter how hopeless things seem, He longs to bring us back into a life of purpose and wholeness.

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