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We Have Seen

Isaiah 9:1-7

CURRENT SERMON SERIES Transcript Available 1 week after preaching date

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Author: Koch, Bryson

In speaking of Jesus, Isaiah says “We have seen a great light…” When light enters the room it changes the way we see everything. Once we have seen the light, we look at the world differently. Jesus is our light, and His coming into the world has the ability to change the landscape and perspective of our lives forever. When we don’t know what to do- He is our wonderful counselor. When we don’t know where to turn- He is our mighty God. No matter who holds the worlds power- He shoulders the powers of the government. No matter what family dynamics we were born into our brought into, He is our Everlasting Father. When we see chaos- He is our Prince of Peace in the midst of it. We have seen a great light, and His name is Jesus.

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